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A brief discussion of the short-story I have been posting by way of an introduction to the world of the Ilsamiren Wars

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Greetings everyone!

Over the past couple of weeks you may have noticed that a few downloads have appeared on the Ilsamiren Wars profile titled "The Cleansing of the Island of Contests".

The tale tells of Udeval's mission to this troubled island in pursuit of the remnants of a raiding party which assaulted one of its twin fortresses. It relates his struggles against the elements, against dangerous foes, and against some who should be his friends.

By the tale's end you should know a little more of the Morchanin Scout Udeval and of the powers he serves and wars against.

Over the next few weeks, each Friday, I will be releasing a fresh part of this short story which I hope will serve to entertain readers and introduce them to some of the features of the world of the Ilsamiren Wars; its places, people, cultures, history and languages.

If you are intrigued, take the time to read this brief story of one of Udeval's missions and post your criticisms at the profile.

Yours sincerely,

Ilsamir Lord

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