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The Case Of the Mansion is an thrilling Online Turn Based Murder Mystery Game. Greatly inspired by board games, it revolves around Strategic Investigation, Deception and Survival. With the players being randomly assigned to 4 different undisclosed classes, each with their own agenda, they must deceive each other in order to achieve their goals. Its a very unique TBS.

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The Case of The Mansion is a Strategic investigation game. Paranoia and suspense are common and the players will need to solve the secrets to each others identities in order to win.

At the start of each match, a role will be assigned randomly to each player and they will have their specific agendas. The one that better outwits the others will be the victorious.

Heavily influenced by board games like Bsg and Zombicide, it is a strategic murder mystery played online with friends.

Our prototype is almost completed and we should be putting the game on crowdfunding and early access next month. We will Also be putting it on Steam Greenlight at the Same time.

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