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The Caribbean Sail is a retro style nautical game inspired by a classic! Sail across the Atlantic ocean from London to Nassau and face real dangers of sailing in the 1700's!

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Ahoy there!

The Caribbean Sail is a nautical adventure inspired by a classic. It has retro graphics and an 8-bit soundtrack of traditional naval tunes and shanties! It's brutal, but sailing wasn't easy in the 1700s. It's currently playable and we're adding more content constantly with many ideas planned ahead.

Gameplay Trailer

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Current Features

  • Naming Your Crew!
  • Five Occupations!
  • Five Different Ships!
  • A Retro Soundtrack!
  • Death and Disease!
  • 4,341 Miles of Water!
  • Spear Fishing!
  • An Online Leaderboard!
  • Turtles!
  • Dynamic weather changes!
  • Writing messages in bottles!
  • Get struck by glorious lightning!
  • Ship encounters!
  • Naval Skirmishes!

You'll probably die a lot...

Edward Has Died

Galleon Sailing Towards Rain

Ship Choosing Galleon

Speared Fish and Turtles

Raft in a storm

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