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Quick information regarding the release of "The Cage".

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Hello there, folks.

Just wanted to give a quickie on what's going on.

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Most of you may know that I'm busy at work with my other mod "Helena". In addition to that, I'm currently moving, working, and chipping away at other projects. With all this going on, I remembered that "The Cage" was something I had previously been working on and was excited at the thought of being able to share this with you all. As you've probably read, "The Cage" is a based-on-a-true-story deal, and I with it I crafted a message, one I hope doesn't get lost in the jumble.

But in the end, I've no time to dedicate to this project (I initially had very big plans for it), and I've moved on to a point in my life where the relief I got from making this is no longer needed, and with that, while considerably shortened and perhaps even lackluster, I am releasing "The Cage" for public consumption.

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There will be no updates (more than likely; at least, I make no promises of any).

The main goal of this project is the share the message contained within. Even if everything else should fail horribly with this, I hope that at least it will succeed in that, as that was my priority and aim in this venture.

I appreciate your taking the time to play through this if you do, any words you leave whether critical or otherwise, and especially the amazing things I have discovered, not just with "The Cage", but in working with "Helena" and the people I've met and the community I've become a part of through all of this.

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And with this off the backburner, I now feel that I have more room on my stove to dedicate to making "Helena" the most beautiful she can be, and I can't wait for you all to meet her.

She's dying to meet you.



Amazing! Nice read. Downloading right now. I also wanna find out that hidden message of which you are talking about.

Trying to find messages in music or games etc has always been extremely fun for me, so here I come I guess.

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Its kinda boring and useless

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AuroraGuiniverePrice Author

I very sorry to hear you feel this way. As this was based on something that personally happened to me, I realize that this might not be something everyone can relate to and that's fine. And as it is also in an "as-is" state, it might not be comprehensive enough for some players, which again, is fine.

Thank you for having taken the time to play through it though, if you have. It is much appreciated.

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