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"We have so many things we keep inside us, sometimes we wish it was all a dream but its not"-owner of circlesgames a rising visioned game company. circlesgames,.

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You feel alone in this world, you feel it's hard to make it like the others, you watch videos and meet friends and see how they look so calm all the time, they so neat and organized and some are not even as neat as you in doing things but still they making it, for you, every second till the end of the day you ask yourself think, you ask yourself what was I thinking again, you sigh, you feel depressed and always thinking all day long.

You working on a project alone, you spend your time alone but deep in you, you wish to have teammates, who don’t just for work but also will love your presence, you are introverted, you don’t always complete a project and even when you do, that’s it… you don’t know what to do next, you only think of making more, you become sad that so many bad games sold and yours isn’t, your friends comment negatively all the time about your projects, arts, music, many more…

you lost so many friends because you see communication as a drag back, see it as pointless, stressful, time-consuming, they don’t understand you, they don’t think like you, they make you feel bad, low of yourself, envious, and many more, you lost relationships because you couldn’t hold the burden anymore, the burden of not being able to provide or you get angry often because you pity yourself, your state in life. That’s not all, and the fact that you battled with your relatives over these projects or plans you have even made it more stressful and scary to fail, makes you see the only option is to exit this world, you can't bear to look at your dad's face as a failure now, you can't go home because you don’t want your parents fighting the cause of you, 1 protecting you the other against you, you don’t want your siblings looking down on you even tho they are now successful and doing well on their own but not you…

you're still at the beginning, still poor, still weak, still, a failure-you tell yourself this.

That’s enough ok!!! It's enough pity for your life, that’s enough calling yourself a failure call the idea a failure not you, you are capable of thinking of a new plan, idea, goal, and future. Don’t see giving up as a choice, don’t see being submissive as a choice, don’t see doing nothing as a choice, it's stupid to do so.

Life isn’t easy, your young ones making it does change a thing, if they are rude to you, stay at a distance from them.

The truth is that the fact that you think this way already shows that you are going to make it, you just need to note what your current you are telling you, note the obvious, first many people cant do what you do, the problem isn't your skills it's your communication that needs work, your marketing, that’s the hardest part to get to, try making friends with marketers or people that love to communicate to others, take steps to get into conversations with people who talk to the crowd, everyone is always looking for something new to give their crowd, it might be a positive or negative review about your project but note again the obvious, you're getting known, people out there will want to search more about you, and it keeps rising you up, from there you take off, follow me to stay close and stay motivated all times.

your doing something still better than doing nothing, just time and wait for it to get rich(your sacrifices I mean)

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emeka also known as virex is the owner of circlesgames and circlesgames community, circlesgames is a new rising game company, he envisioned that circlesgames even as its yet to be known or even has no signs of growth, it will make it to his goal.

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