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In depth view of what has been happening and what is yet to happen! Take a look at the offer Skull Crackers will not letting you turn down!

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Let me say this... This Thing of Ours is not dead and we would like to apologise to everyone for keeping you all in the dark on our development for the past few months as it has been BUSY with a capital B!

There is light at the end of the tunnel now as we have recruited a social media dude (some call him knight hawk but you can refer to him as Ismail) who will be handling all of the future social media articles and updates so we can continue working hard on the script and map.

We would also like to let everyone know that we have hired 3 freelance design and texture artists to handle a lot of the models (not Victoria secret ones :( ) as we have realised that we want our first official game to be the most bad ass one out there! For teh past few months they have been making vehicles, characters and objects to be submerged into the map!

So onto the updates, Jeff and Dovy (studio heads of Skull Crackers entertainment *show offs*) have been working hard while maintaining stable lives behind the scenes while scripting and mapping something extremely special! There is number of huge changes to the script and map which we will reveal shortly below. So sit back get a brew and some snacks!

Map: The map has been growing changing and moulding into shape on a daily basis! With recent editions of Chinatown, financial district the port, HUGE bridge, New Temperance Correctional Facility, film studio, central park *breaths* the list goes on but be sure that there will be a number of unique places to visit and relax what ever your needs are as Skull Crackers Entertainment operates like the Ritz comforting needs of all of its guests, may it be robbing drug dealers and making your own shank in prison to complete your hit assignment we seem to have it all! There will also be a lot of hidden location on the map that you will be able to visit if you choose to.... (strip club, brothels, gambling dens and much more illicit activities).

Script: Crew, business, staffing and finances control panel has been finalised and it will be extremely user/platform friendly as we liked to make it as entertaining as possible. We can't reveal too much information regarding the scripting as it's been stamped as military grade secret! BUT! We have been promised a number of videos to come out out in the next few months showcasing a lot of it! ( I've seen it and it's the BOMB! )

Models and texturing: Please bear in mind that these images are NOT the final product as we would like to leave it a bit more of a surprise rather than show you final products! But lets let the picture do the talking!


I'm sure we will be seeing more and more updates from now on This Thing of Ours as things are for sure in a strong and aggressive swing! If anyone is interested in further news please follow the Skull Crackers social media pages below! From us here today "Alla salute" (or something like that)




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