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Watch a short video with pure gameplay of our upcoming title The Bible Of Spells. It's a pre-alpha footage and does NOT represent the final product. If you want to help us please donate.

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The Bible Of Spells - Gameplay video #1

The following video is gameplay of our upcoming title named "The Bible Of Spells", a 3d top-down rpg game based on a semi-random generated world which will be available for thousand of runs. On this video you can see only 1 finished room and an other with out any content since we are focused on the gameplay first. You can also see two types of melee enemies, an undead warrior and a giant rat. You may notice that the giant rat might poison you after an attack, the poison damage and time is random and is affected by the difficulty of the run and the level of the rat. There are no sounds/effects when you hit enemies for now but they will be added very soon, also the weird explosion when you kill an enemy is place holder. At the end of the video you can see the stats menu of your character, you can upgrade them with points you get when you level up. You level up by gaining xp from killing opponents, clearing rooms or doing side quests.

If you noticed, in order to gain access to the second room you have to kill all the enemies on the first room, however there are items that allows you to exit a room without eliminating all the opponents.

Please share your opinion bellow and let us know what you like or you don't like and what you would love to see.


I'd say to speed up the weapon projectiles and movement. It seems too slow currently. You want the action to be more intense :).

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GreekStudios Author

The speeds are variables (skills), they are increased with leveling up and with getting items.
Also, different projectiles have different speeds.

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