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This time Dibella's Watch is updated only with fun stuff that you can see and feel; like landscaping, a new town, several new locations and new meshes.

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Beta 07.02

This time, I've concentrated on the fun stuff. I've built an entirely new town in the south east called Port Constanze. This town is a thriving harbour as well as a university town of learning and intellect. To go with this, I also wrote an in-game book, "The History of Dibella's Watch", which explains the continent's place in the world of Tamriel and also gives an insight into what it's all about. Read it at the Constanze University, if you're interested.

There are masses of new locations added in this update and I also expanded the continent westwards (again!) with masses of new land there. There's nothing much to be seen in those new lands though, but feel free to visit the areas and take a look around. I also included some new meshes; among other things, the Deadlander Bandits got themselves a few makeovers in that I gave them distinct armours to wear.

The next update will have to deal with some more pressing background issues again. I need to install a bed rental system for the pubs and do some other needed stuff as well. Feel free to suggest stuff and report any bugs you may find. But for now, Download Version 07.02 of Dibella's Watch right here on ModDB!

At the Yati Oasis Fighting Deadlanders
"Wow! A lovely Oasis. Let's go skinny-dipping!"


- Did a number of needed corrections.
- More landscaping and a large amount of new locations done.
- Created more landmass in the West. This is still uncolonized, nor is it present on the in-game map yet.
- Created a new moderately sized city, Port Constance, which is complete with AI, NPC's, exteriors and interiors.
- Added Market Stand resource by Stroti.
- Wrote the Book "The History of Dibella's Watch" (Find it at the Constanze University).
- Dressed the Deadlander Bandits in proper armour by Pale Rider.

Inspecting The Arch Looking Toward Port Constanze
"Yeah yeah. Nice views. Now let's go find the nearest pub!"

somebodys_kid - - 24 comments

Looking good...I will try this out ASAP.

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Antiscamp Author
Antiscamp - - 515 comments

Sounds good. I'm already working on the next update.

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