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Potentially the final battle in the BoBW series, can earth survive this battle?

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Base: Tiberian History
Include: Red Alert history's global economy change
Preserve parent mods style: yes
Allow similar type units\structures in build queues: yes
Resolve alliances.... ally found.



Shielded Harvester - Kane's Wrath (Replaces Harvester)
Reaper Tripod - Kane's Wrath (Replaces Tripod)
Scrin Ship - Tiberian Sun
Growth stimulator - Kane's Wrath (Replaces Growth accelerator)


Rocket squad - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Militant Rocket squad)
Chemical Warrior - Tiberian Dawn
Light Infantry - Tiberian Sun (Replaces Militant squad)
Confessor squad - Kane's Wrath
Conscript - Red Alert 3
Flak Trooper - Red Alert 3
Buggy - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Raider Buggy)
APC - Tiberian Dawn
Light Tank - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Scorpion Tank)
Flame Tank - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces C&C3 Flame Tank)
Harvester - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces C&C3 Harvester)
Artillery - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Beam cannon)
Mammoth tank - Red Alert
Attack Cycle - Tiberian Sun (Replaces Nod Bike)
Devil's Tongue - Tiberian Sun
Rhino Tank MkII - Renegade 2
Apache - Tiberian Dawn
Chinook - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Call for Infantry transport)
Mig - Red Alert
Hind - Red Alert (Replaces Venom)
Badger bomber - Red Alert
Kirov - Red Alert 2
Kirov - Renegade 2
Turret - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Laser hub)
Sam site - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Rocket hub)
Battle Lab - Red Alert 2 (Replaces Tech centre)
Soviet Bunker - Yuri's Revenge
Barracks - Red Alert 3 (Replaces Hand of Nod)
War Factory - Red Alert 3 (Replaces Nod War Factory)


Mini-gunner - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Rifle Squad)
Grenadier squad - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Grenade squad)
Engineer - Red Alert (Replaces C&C3 Engineer)
Tanya - Red Alert
Umagon - Tiberian Sun
Zone Raiders - Kane's Wrath
Humvee - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Pitbull)
Medium tank - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Predator tank)
Mammoth Tank - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces C&C3 Mammoth)
Light Tank - Red Alert
Artillery - Red Alert
Titan - Tiberian Sun
Hover MRLS - Tiberian Sun
Disruptor - Tiberian Sun
Black Hawk - Tiberian Dawn FMV (Replaces V35 Ox Infantry transport)
Longbow - Red Alert (Replaces Orca)
Orca Bomber - Tiberian Sun
P51-J - Red Alert 2 Concept
Repair Bay - Tiberian Dawn
Advance Power plant - Red Alert
Pillbox - Red Alert 2 (Replaces Watchtower)


Best of Both Worlds 4

Vader91 - - 1,837 comments

The flame tank replaces the harvester? That's a little odd, somewhat useless since it can't collect tiberium. lol

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Madin Author
Madin - - 2,077 comments


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JanusKay - - 14 comments

Maybe will be better if you separate all races by inject russia, alliance and japan in your mod? Thet will be fun and grate =)

Sory for my english.

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CNF - - 4 comments

Can someone please help me. How do i install this mod on my windows 7 computer???.... like where do i put the files

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