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Units from Tiberian dawn, Tiberian Sun, C&C 3, Kane's Wrath, Red Alert, Red Alert 2 and Renegade 2, join forces for a massive battle! Who will win round 3?

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The Red Alert generals agree to take control of most of their alliances MBTs, chaos ensues!
The deadly bomber blimp known has the 'Kirov' joins Nod forces, and in seemingly unimportant news, a female civilian agrees to do deep infiltration solo commando missions for the Global defence alliance...

I am testing a few things out with a view to refining them for Tiberian History release 3. On trial:

  • Various house colour additions
  • Hummer 'night-light'
  • Various portrait changes
  • Scrin TS warship colour change
  • Various shader changes
  • Pop-up Sam site

Heroic GDI grenadier EMP grenade
New ability for a heroic Grenadier squad, to use it select the ability, then make sure your target is within the radius cursor that appears and left click your mouse (you are advised to target either slow moving vehicles or structures).

Heroic Nod Rocket squad 'Rage rocket'
New ability for heroic rocket squads, to use it, select the ability, then use the targeting cursor to aim the rocket, left click to fire. Be warned that the rocket is unguided, however the rocket has a decent effect radius which is indicated by the 'select target' cursor.
Tips for using the Rage rocket

  • The rocket causes an effect similar to KW Redeemers 'Rage generator', but with a much smaller area of effect.
  • Fire the rocket, then run like the wind!
  • You will know what enemies are under it's effect because they will have a red tinge.
  • When using against the AI, it is best not to have any of your units near the target except of course your heroic Rocket squad, this is because the AI is still able to target your units and structures while under the 'Rage' effect.
  • With the above point noted, I'd suggest you approach the intended targets with your heroic rocket squad alone, fire the Rage rocket, and attempt to run away, if the effected units follow you, allow them to kill the heroic Rocket squad (you'll get loads in any normal skirmish game anyhow). Has soon has they've killed the Rocket squad they'll be forced to turn on each other, provided none of your units or structures are close.
  • Also with the point before last in mind, I'd recommend not using it on enemy units that are too close to your base.
  • Enemy units that have the red tinge indicating they are under the rage effect fire twice has fast and have 50% more resistance, this is why it's important not to be close to them when they're mad!
  • The 'Rage' effect last around 30 seconds.
  • The Rage rockets smoke trail is black

Base: Tiberian History
Include: Red Alert history's global economy change
Preserve parent mods style: yes
Allow similar type units\structures in build queues: yes
Resolve alliances.... ally found.

Shielded Harvester - Kane's Wrath (Replaces Harvester)
Reaper Tripod - Kane's Wrath (Replaces Tripod)
Scrin Ship - Tiberian Sun
Growth stimulator - Kane's Wrath (Replaces Growth accelerator)

Rocket squad - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Militant Rocket squad)
Chemical Warrior - Tiberian Dawn
Rifle squad - Red Alert (Replaces Militants)
Light Infantry - Tiberian Sun
Confessor squad - Kane's Wrath
Mammoth tank - Red Alert
Devil's Tongue - Tiberian Sun
Rhino Tank MkII - Renegade 2 (Replaces Scorpion tank)
Apache - Tiberian Dawn
Mig - Red Alert
Hind - Red Alert (Replaces Venom)
Badger bomber - Red Alert
Kirov - Red Alert 2
Nod Artillery - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Beam cannon)
Nod turret - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Laser hub)
Sam site - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Rocket hub)
Soviet Bunker - Yuri's Revenge

Grenedier squad - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Grenade squad)
Tanya - Red Alert 2
Humvee - Tiberian Dawn (Replaces Pitbull)
Medium tank - Red Alert (Replaces Predator tank)
Artillery - Red Alert
Titan - Tiberian Sun
Hover MRLS - Tiberian Sun
Light tank MkII - Renegade 2
Black Hawk - Tiberian Dawn FMV (Replaces V35 Ox transport)
Longbow - Red Alert
Pillbox - Red Alert 2
Repair Bay - Tiberian Dawn


Sounds good! When is the release? Cant await!

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