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The artilce describes why we implementated tents as buildings in Drohtin. Furthermore we want to present 3 new buildings (the Smoker, the Residential Building the and Mason).

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Hi folks,

today I would like to share our intention to create tents in Drohtin. At the very beginning of the game you will start with a bunch of people being somewhere in the wilderness. The resources in your storage are tight and you have to find a nice place to found your first village. In this early stage of the game it is very difficult to find the right place for each building and you probably want to move one or the other building to another spot. Since your resources (time and material) are very tight you can not build each building several times until you find the right spot.

In middle Ages tents are usually used for temporarily military camps, because tents are very flexible and cheap. Flexibility and a low price are exactly the requirements we want to cover. That`s why we decided to use tents for the first level of a village. So let`s have a look at the details and compare tents with normal buildings (houses) which are available in the next level of the village.

Construction Cost/Time
The construction cost of tents are very low. In general the construction cost of a tent is less than half of the construction cost of a normal building. Also the construction time is much shorter than the construction time of a building. That means tents are very cheep and fast to build.
The common resources to build a tent are Bole and Tent (Resource Overview).

You can remove each building in Drohtin. If you remove a building the worker can recycle some of the resource of the construction costs. The recycle rate depending on the type of building. A tent is 100% recyclable, that means you get all construction cost back. The recycle rate of a building is much lower (probably around 50% of the construction costs).

All buildings are replaceable. The replacement of a tent is very fast and cost no resource. Some worker will remove the tent from the old spot, use exactly the same resource and rebuild it on the new spot. The replacement of a normal building takes much more time and additional resources.

Some of the tents are production buildings like the Woodcutter or the Stonecutter, other are storages like the Headquarter. The general size of a tent is small and that means there is less space available. Depending of the type of tent the small size has different effects. For example the storages of the Headquarter, the Woodcutter and the Stonecutter are smaller. Additionally the maximum amount of worker in the Woodcutter/Stonecutter tent is just 1 (in normal buildings are two or more workers). That means the productivity of a tent is much lower than of a normal building (at least 50%).

Since the construction costs (time and resources) are low and the used resources (Bole and Tent) are not very solid tent are not very robust against damage. Compare to a normal building, it is very easy to destroy a tent. It is also possible to steal a tent. Some enemy builders can remove one of your unguarded tent and capture the construction resources of this tent.

I hope you gain insight into the idea of tents. Feel free to comment. We are always open for ideas to force the difference between tents and normal buildings even more.

We also want to present 3 new buildings.

The Smoker will help you to cure the raw food so that your people can eat it. The Residential Building is the place where your people live and found their families. The Mason produces high quality stones and help you to construct bigger and more complex buildings.

So we are still working quiet hard at the game. Please do not forget to support us on Greenlight.



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