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Hey everyone and welcome to the When Galaxy's Collide, the place where many-many galaxies collide and unite with each other...

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Hello and welcome again.

First of all, a little overview of our team:
CHK_Shepard_9 - Project leader, Designer, Rigging/Animations.
*SGU*TheDestiny - Co-leader, Designer, Modeller/Textures, Mapping.
Patrick_Kosick - Some Coding.

Burntstrobe - Truely amazing space skydomes.
Warb_Null- Supporting with things related to texturing world.
MerlinGalgotta- German Stargate mod
Gilly6666- EvE online mod

Also, WGC is currently looking for mappers, and anyone who has exprience with unwraping UV and texturing to make the mod go smoother and faster, since there are lots and lots of models being WIP, and many ready and wating for the textures. Also an Particle Editor would be great. If you are interested contact CHK_Shepard_9 or *SGU*TheDestiny and let one of us know. Also looking for someone more to help with Coding. SERIOURS MODDERS ONLY :).

Now a little preview of the mod:

The mod will take place in Stargate galaxy. After an experimental parallel universe device malfunction, what was created by the Great Dr. Rodney ''Meredith'' McKay, the Stargate galaxy will become a host to many-many possible realities, and they will have to work together to be successful rulers of galaxy, be they bad or evil, you will decide that.

Now little overview of Fractions:

Fraction 1 main name- Earth Federation- What will be availble in this fraction. Tauri (Stargate), Cerberus (Mass Effect), Caldari (Eve Online), UNSC (Halo), and Rebels (Starwars).
This faction will have ships related/looking as Earth design (like BC-304 in Stargate and so on). Land units will almost all be entirely made up.

Fraction 2 main name- Forged Empire- What will be availble in this fraction. Goa'uld (Stargate), Collectors (Mass Effect), Amarr (Eve Online), Covenant (Halo), and Empire (Starwars).
It is an alliance of bad guy's under the leadership of Goa'uld. They have ships that are very different from each other.

Fraction 3 main name- It's a surprise, figure we would keep the 3 fraction a secret until the release of the game, Keep you guys sitting on the edge of your seat ( or couch, chair, bed, wherever you may be sitting). So stay tuned :)

As you counquer planets and open up new planets from the Halo, Mass Effect, Eve Online, and Starwars universe you will unlock there technology, allowing you to build Space and Ground units from the Universe's mentioned above. So say you take a planet that is in the Mass Effect universe. You will be able to build there buildings, space stations, and units (Ground and Space) on that planet you now control same goes for the other fractions.

As the most factions dont have ground units, we make them all up by ourselves. Each faction will have unique units never seen in FoC before. And as there will be an upcoming game for EvE online for land battles, we can get some inspiration from that game concepts as well.

So, comment on ideas, leave suggestions and so on :)

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