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An Introduction to the game and what my plans are going forward.

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Hello, this is a mod I've been working on for a little over a year now. I've always been interested in making a mod for Half-Life and I decided to finally go through with it. I am not expecting a great deal of traction from this page right now and to be honest I don't want or need it. The mod started as a few badly made levels with some voice acting lines and ammo placed in them. Now it's a five hour time travelling Quake meets Turok meets Postal 2 shooter. There's only me and a few other people working on it at the moment, so if anyone wants to join in and help with models or voice acting please let me know!

I am not the most experienced guy in the world when it comes to making mods, I've had to learn from scratch pretty much. Nevertheless, I understand the importance of releasing a well made product that upholds the quality of games like: Cry of Fear, Afraid Of Monsters, Field Intensity etc. That's why I anticipate this project will take a few years to finish. I hope you stick around and enjoy the updates from time to time! :)

I'm using a lot of models from Alpha Half-Life as well as some made by friends etc. I always felt like the cut enemies from the game could have actually made it even better so we have Mr. Friendly, Panthereye, Sarg Grunt and many more. The aim is to make the game as varied as I can (without being oversaturated of course) and keep the player interested with adding mechanics etc. I understand this is a very ambitious thing, hence why it'll take so long haha.

So far we have some horror aspects as we see here, Trying to go for a Resident Evil like atmosphere.

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Then we have some COD like shooter elements.

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20220813175851 1

A marketplace system with a UI that some people might find all too familiar.

20220813175144 1

And what I'm mainly working on at the moment which I don't think needs any context.

20220813174825 1

When you're working in an engine as old and as limited as Gldsource, there's a lot of ambitious things I want to do with the game but they're proving very tedious to implement. If you have any questions just let me know :). Like I said in the above, this mod will require an extensive amount of work. Models, maps, voice work etc. So it will be a long time before it ever sees the light of day to be played. I will update here semi-frequently to let you all know how it's going. Hope to see you here.

Sincerely, Mr Dev.

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I love variety in games so I hope like Timesplitters and Daikatana the weapons would change according to the time period the player is in.

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There is a variety of weapons that are introduced in different time periods :)

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