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As i get closer and closer to releasing a beta i thought i would talk about the balancing of the ships.

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This mod has the possibility to be played out in a variety of different ways and different tactics can be utilised in order to turn a battle in your favor.

Battlestars are cumbersome and slow vessels but are extreamly well armoured and have powerful mid range cannons. These vessels are the mainstay carrier/battleship hybrid of the colonial fleet. With some having different specialities. Some Battlestars such as the unique Battlestar Galactica are specialised towards the defensive role and can bombard an area with flak fire for a sustained period of time in order to cut off different routes for fighter squadrons or suppress an attacking Basestar. Other vessels like the Battlestar Indra, are vessels which are designed to directly support fighter groups in combat by attacking the Capital ships whilst the vipers engage the enemy squadrons. Smaller Battlestars like the Valkyrie can have a more supportive role without directly engaging the enemy. For example smaller Battlestars can provide enough viper cover to allow a frigate group to engage other larger ships whilst the raiders are held back for atleast, a short period of time.

Frigates and Destroyers of the Colonial fleet can utilise as many roles as thier mammoth counterparts. The Tiger class corvette for example is designed to thin out enemy fighters with a mass of light gun fire and can also engage ships of a similar size until support arrives. Other ships like the Cygnus firestar can engage basestars in quick hit and run attacks but do not have the armour or fighter cover of a Battlestar. Thus these classes of ships support Battlestars in thier roles or are used in squadrons to create a active fighting unit which can be deployed in situations a lone Battlestar could not handle.

Vipers and Raptors are the backbone of almost all battlegroups due to thier speed and effectivness the task they perform. Vipers are fast but lightly armoured interceptors designed to defend larger ships and in some cases attack entrenched positions. Raptors are more multirole with one varient being recon and the other being a missle picket. The recon raptor is vitually unarmed but can help in co-ordinating strikes on enemy positions or spotting incoming forces. The Assualt Raptor on the other hand is a heavily armed vessel which can attack capital ships with its missles and lead the charge in fighter battles with its rapid fire cannons and light missiles however they are easily taken down in dogfights due to being slow and un manuverable.

Basestars are the main capital ship of the Cylon fleet and act as a carrier and long range bombardment ship. These can delpoy large amounts of raiders to attack Colonial forces and can use its long range missile arsenal to attack Battlestars and other craft before the Basestar is within their weapons range. However these ships are generally lightly armoured and cannot last long in an engagement without raider cover or the ability to withdraw to a long distance position again.

Cylons dont have much use for frigates and destroyers aside from rapid response, garrison duties and some direct or indirect support roles. For example the Patrolstar resembles half a Basestar and doesnt have the fighter facilities just medium range missiles and a mildly stronger structure due to not being "hollow" for raider facilities.

Raiders are the most common craft in the cylon armada. With it being their defensive and offensive weapon. These ships hold off Vipers and Raptors and often will attack Battlestars and larger ships in swarms overwhelming thier defenses and causing significant damage. Also with thier own jump drives these ships can attack weaker targets or just scout out systems before a Basestar is commited. Heavy Raiders fill out a similar role to the Assault Raptor.

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