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The download of The Backrooms 1998 is now available for free on IndieDB too! You can go ahead on the files section and download it. Can you survive in the backrooms, and for how long? See the twisted reality of the different take on the backrooms.

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Now you can catch a blimps of what lies into the backrooms .... the game is now released on IndieDB and can be downloaded from here. PLEASE NOTE: This game may be disturbing to some audience as this game contains real disturbing footage, sounds, fear nature, jump scares, gore, extreme violence and intense horror that may not be for the faint of heart. Play this game at your own risk.

Spray paint on walls to mark your paths, breath slowly (because the enemy can hear you from your microphone) and decent into the backrooms. Search for supplies, tools and items to help in your escape. Such tools as a spray gun which can help you to mark your path so you don't get lost in The Backrooms. Things you may see in the shadows, are sometimes not shadows. Something or someone may be lurking in there with you. Use your stamina only when needed, and tread carefully. Hiding in crawl spaces, under tables or inside lockers if you see something unusual can be a good idea.


ITCH.IO: click here to download on

INDIEDB: click here to download on IndieDB.
FULL GAME: click here to get the full game on steam.

Be sure to rate, and submit your feed as it will help out with the development alot. Thanks again and hope you all have a great day. Try not to clip out in the backrooms! Let's end this with a couple of new screenshots to get you in the mood.



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