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This is the latest update on 1949, and features information on both the mod and for fans of it.

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It's been a while since the last update, hasn't it? Well, no time like the present.

I would like to announce first of all that COHModderSolo is now joining the team, mainly as a Corsix worker. His help will mean this mod is made that much faster, so lets hear a big round of applause for the newest team member.

Now then, for my second announcement, I would like to note that many of you have started saying you would like to join as voice actors. If this is truly the case, then I would like to ask one thing of you: send an audition to me in some form. How? Well, emailing me a download link works. In any case, you have to find a way that suits you to send me any audio that you might record for the game anyway.

What should you do for an audition? Just saying a few lines from vanilla works. Choose some of your favorites from a variety of situations, and then send it to me. Well, that's got that done.

Now for the new content: the U.S. Army of Breaching

The Army of Breaching

The Army of Breaching is the manifestation of America's commitment to reclaiming lost land. German defenses, like those of the Ostheer, are difficult to breach, so specialists and assault weaponry must take first priority in order to unseat tough German resistance.

On the left side, we have America's special troops for pursuing this goal.

Assault Rangers
First are assault rangers, who come equipped with Thompson SMGs. They may also receive as many as 4 bazookas to deal with hostile armor. Since there are 9 men per unit, they can hold their own against enemy infantry even after this upgrade.

Airborne Infantry
Second come airborne troops, who have remained fairly similar to their vanilla counterpart, but bring 9 men to the fight.

West Coast Veterans
Last, but certainly not least, there are the West Coast Veterans. These men are hard boiled soldiers that fought against Japanese landings in the states of Washington, Alaska, Oregon, and California. It was through the courage of these men that the Japanese invasion of the American mainland was thwarted. After they had finished, and America managed to gain the initiative in the Pacific, it was clear that these men had expertise fighting in regions that were much more similar to Europe than the Pacific. Therefore, these men have been brought to England to fight against the Germans. The supply of these men is short, and it decreases every day they fight. As such, they deploy in small groups of 6 men. Armed with shotguns, grenades, and the knowledge of how to use both to assault fortified positions, these men are the best troops that can be fielded by America. Losing even one is difficult to stomach, but each of these soldiers would rather die fighting than have to see American lands under Axis control again.

On the right side, there are the upgrades that improve regular American troops.

Assault Weaponry
Equips Draftees with Grease Guns, while Riflemen receive Thomspon SMGs.

Stealth Assault Training
Allows Draftees, Riflemen, and Rangers to camouflage themselves. This is especially useful when confronted by the German MG-45.

Grenade Assault Training
Draftee, Riflemen, and Rangers all receive the training to saturate enemy positions with frag grenades.

And that concludes this update. There is more to come, but I can't say when. In the meantime, I hope this keeps you sated until the next update.

With Regards,
Lord Wiffleby

ab2531 - - 1,612 comments

So did you just figure how to add sound and voices to CoH? It means you can now use the Object Editor?

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Lord_Wiffleby Author
Lord_Wiffleby - - 322 comments

Not completely. I decided to give audition information because I have received several offers from community members to provide voices. I wanted to clarify how that will be carried out. In any case, changing the voices is not my highest priority at the moment. I want to have a balanced and functioning mod before I start modifying audio.

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