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New update introduces safehouses and apartments in Broke Protocol! You can now easily save items in your own safehouse... forever!

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Well it's been a long couple weeks but it's finally here. You can now purchase safehouses and apartments in Broke Protocol! No longer do you have to hide valuables in far off locations, aboard docked boats, or on remote rooftops. You can now easily save items in your own safehouse... forever!


To get one of these new apartments, you have to find the yellow apartment map markers and step up to the door. There are different levels of accommodation ranging from small storage spaces for around $1,000 to large bedroom suites at $15,000. At the door you can preview the space, or buy it straight up. When inside, you can use the action menu to Buy and Place from scores of new apartment objects including sofas, instruments, and artwork.


After you've customized your place from a selection of over 200 new furniture and item additions, you can invite friends to plan your next big heist or territory takeover.


A lot of the new objects will have functional use in the future, from working coffee machines, to beds restoring energy. But more on that later! For now...

Download Here

Apartments Update Full Changelog

Added buyable apartments where items can be saved
Added many new interior models/items
Furniture buying system implemented inside apartments
SERVER ADMINS: Game ports changed to 5557 and 5558
International fonts now work correctly
Following this update, saves will work across versions
Better cheat detection / server reporting
Banning players comments their username in the file
Fixed server hit registration bug
More reliable server connections
Login names can now have special characters
Jail timer is now more accurate
Fixed bash script on Linux
AI now flee correctly after being searched
Fixed typos in item action menu
Vehicle damage is no longer a crime (to stop baiting)
Fixed particle effects (fire extinguisher)
More mesh and collider optimizations
Tweaked waterline position on some boats
Gangsters and criminals won't leave vehicles to fight so much
Code cleanup and optimizations
Fixed driving AI
Better star rendering
Progress bar on server join
Fixed placing objects on ceilings
Player Saves filenames are hashed for OS compatibility
4-bit item indexes are hashed and can index millions of objects


Thanks to Casa397, D4rkRose, BP, MrClownie and others for submitting screenshots of their apartment builds.

Be sure to post any of your custom builds on the Facebook Page or the Official Subreddit.


booman - - 3,654 comments

Thanks for the updates. I'm still waiting for a Linux version. I hope its still in the plans...

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Vertelame - - 440 comments

and now we need the posibility to pull off raids on those.

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Guest - - 696,171 comments

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dibdob - - 1,342 comments

I presume there's nothing here for single players ?

I'm not a big fan of M.P games.

sorry ,just found your steam page and it does say single player in one of the tags.

Game is cheap too ,should do well at that price.

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