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Long ago mother Africa was protected by 5 Ancient Spirits, each representing a pillar of our culture. Together they brought peace and prosperity to Africa.

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Long ago mother Africa was protected by 5 Ancient Spirits, each representing a pillar of our culture. Together they brought peace and prosperity to Africa.



Shujaa is known by many as the lion or animal spirit due to him taking a Lion’s appearance. He is the symbol of natural instinct, wisdom and leadership.Shujaa is the guardian of animal life. In the past, his leadership has brought peace to Africa.His appearance now is the first sign of hope.

Listen to his guidance Mzito.For he is a maker of Kings and Queens.



Ajaa is known as the spirit of land and nature. She is the source and the support system of all life.She is known as the core of the Ancient Spirits for her healing touch, her womb of life and her rage against those that harm her children. She is a symbol of fertility and motherhood.

Seek her favour Mzito and your light will multiply.



Shakka is the Spirit of the warrior.He takes the form of a shield, a common necessity for any warrior. Shakka symbolises the fighting spirit of Africa. The shield that protects the weak and a bastion of honour and justice.Spirit of unbreakable will. Skilled in combat and strategy, Shaka is the tip of the spear among the Ancient Spirits.

Train under him Mzito, grow in bravery, skill and will.



Mila is the Spirit of change. She symbolises growth and transformation. She brings forth true maturity. Mila is the cocoon of the Ancient Spirits. Through rights of passage, she pushes them from comfort to insight rebirth through metamorphosis. Innovation and progress are her second nature.

Put yourself in her cocoon Mzito, survive the rights of passage and you will evolve into your true self.



Riziki is the Spirit Rhythm. The Rhythm of life. His vibrations connect all of us whether through the earth, song or dance.Riziki is the great uniter among the Ancient Spirits. He mastered balance through stillness and is the force that keeps them united. He gives voice to all and allows one’s inner and outer systems to communicate.

Tune to the Vibration Mzito for Riziki brings harmony, unity, oneness.

Art by Andrew Mahowa

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