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We're putting on the finishing touches and we're hoping for a July 4th Release of: The American Revolution Mod v3.0 Tenth Anniversary Edition! Over 230 added T.A.R. units by the T.A.R. Team for the U.S., British, French, Hessian, Spanish and UP! 580 added units for other nations by various artists! That's over 800 additional units! New T.A..R. Skins, New Rebuilt Launcher, New Campaigns, New Graphic Enhancements, New AI Enhancements, New Options galore, bug fixes and more! Much, much more!

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This mod the result of a lot of work by a large community artists who have crafted something very special. Prepare to immerse yourself in the struggles of a developing world. A world that not only saw the rise of a new nation, but also with that new nation, a new kind of government was born. A type had never exist before that would revolutionize the world itself.

We've worked hard to squash all the old bugs. "Stability" has been a watch word with this new edition and we've worked had to make sure T.A.R. v3.0 is stable!

Here's what you can expect from The American Revolution Mod:

Overhauled BAI and CAI:
TAR 3.0 has a DarthMod AI system, tweaked for TAR. One of things done was to lower the units size from the normal DM sizes to units most historically accurate for the period that TAR focuses on. A typical Line Infantry Unit will number 220 in TAR and all other unit sizes have been adjusted accordingly. In TAR, you will find Diplomacy that actually works. But when war comes it will be brutal and it will be vicious. You may find victory but you will also taste defeat!

A vast Selection Of Units
We say vast, we mean VAAAAAAST!!! When it comes to units from America's War for Independence, TAR delivers like no other. Literally tons of new America and British Units to face off in those rebellious colonies! All taken form the pages of history with beautiful and historically accurate uniforms. We haven't left out other nations either as we have hundreds of new units for many nations!

With a name like "The American Revolution Mod," it's not too hard to guess what the main focus of this mod is all about. But TAR 3.0 will give players more that just that and it will allow them to custom tailor TAR to the way they play.

The TAR Launcher and Management System:
When you install TAR 3.0 you also get the TAR Launcher. The TAR Launcher's main purpose is to do everything as automatically as possible, in the easiest way possible.

TAR Unique Campaigns:
With TAR you get updated R.T.I. Episodes 3 and 4 but you also get more!

The 13 Colonies Campaign 1700:
New in TAR 3.0, the 13 Colonies Campaign gives the player a chance to play as the American Colonial Powers, including French and Spanish Colonies as well as the Native Indian Tribes. Or if the player chooses, one of the other major world powers of the period. Britain and France also start with their territories in India as well.

The Revolution Campaign 1775:
The Revolution 1775 Campaign is a Grand Campaign Mod that is a major overhaul based on Episode 3. Play as the American Rebels, Indians, the European Powers or Pirates. One of the unique features of this campaign is that, like in history, France is loaning money to the American Rebels, but France's pockets are not bottomless. It will be up to the player to make the most of these loans before they run out...

The United States Campaign 1783:
The United States 1783 Campaign is a Grand Campaign Mod that is a major overhaul based on Episode 4. Play the United States, Indians, or the other Major World Powers. One of the unique features of this campaign is that, like in history, the United States is in debt to France and must not repay the loan, with interest! It will be up to the player to deal with this drain on economy...

Liberty or Death! Campaigns:
Liberty or Death Campaigns are based on the campaigns mentioned above for select factions that feature army stacks of 30 or 40 units for truly massive battles!

The TAR 3.0 Launcher however has more that just the campaigns, you've already see the Turns Per Year option above but that's not all! You can customize TAR to your tastes.

TAR Select-able Options:
The TAR Launcher supports over 20 Select-able mods!

Everthing from the ever popular Blood and Smoke mods to Game Play tweaks, it's all there! And that's just the selectable ones, there are tons of other mods included and intergrated.

TAR also comes with 8 Select-able (and wounded!) U.S. Battle Flags.

TAR Diagnostics and Modding Options

And More!


Any idea when this new version will release it sounds very promising and I am quite excited to give it a try.

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hip63 Author

Still planning on releasing this coming 4th of July!


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Didn't see that and can't wait good job :D

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