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The Airforce offers many different avenues of game play. Command bombers and support frontline efforts, or go on long factory bombing raids that impact the entire war effort. Fly as an Ace fighter or dive bomber and maintain air superiority for your attack objectives!

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Power from above, support the war effort!
Rally ace pilots to destroy enemy fighters and bombers to support ground forces. WWII Online is heavily reliant on effective communication and teamwork. Knowing where to be at the right time is essential to not only getting kills yourself, but empowering the ground forces with more field advantage.


Pilot iconic Fighter planes such as the BF-109 or Spitfire. Each fighter has its own unique capabilities that are known by many ace pilots. For example, Allied fighters have a slower climb rate but can turn more effectively then German fighters.


Go on short or long range missions as a Bomber pilot or bombadier. You can crew bombers (only two players per vehicle) enabling the Pilot the ability to focus on flying while the bomber can keep your six o'clock clear from fighters.


Pilot a transport plane and get your paratroopers from the Airfield to the frontline battlefields. Watch for enemy fighters, they know you are a prime target because of all the paratroopers on board. You must fly with stealth in mind as you do not have adequate defenses. Using teamwork, you can arrange an escort of fighter(s) to support your mission, but more planes make you more noticeable to the enemy.

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