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This article covers the changes which I expect to make in the near future.

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Hello. Here is a small update on the state of the mod: It is still alive.

The biggest change I made is that I am no longer alone. XtaZe and VO-Guy decided to team up with me so the team is getting bigger, forming cloned studios.

XtaZe is a well known modder, he worked on the cancelled Order 66 mod.

VO-Guy is an Australian voice actor who will provide voiceovers for many characters in the mod.

Now for the roadmap:

You will see the following changes and I will highlight them in the media:

1. Weapons being moved to a new method

As XtaZe suggested me, I have decided to migrate to a better method for weapon animations. The emitter method I was using until now was very limited indeed, restricting me from making custom weapon animations, better aim offsets etc.

This will change soon. The old system was the one I taught you in the tutorial. It used an effect bounded to already existing animations. However the new method works with a brand new mesh, which can have new animations, more moving parts and simply... a lot more capabilities.

2.Character work

I will be working on new characters and their respective weapons. I however won't spoil more stuff yet for the last mission. I will keep it as a suprise towards the end of the development. Expect to see bigger variety in textures and equipment.

3. Maps

I will start working on actual maps. The previous ones were mostly proof of concept and testing ones. There will be multiple chapters and environments, even boss fights! Stay tuned. The media for first chapter of the mod will come soon.

4. Animations and texture work

I will be creating shaders for all the existing stuff that does not have a shader, meaning you will see better reflections on objects.

5. AI

I will try to balance the AI since some of the enemies are sort of overpowered right now. Will release more details later.

This is all, stay tuned. I will post more media soon.

Vendler98 - - 51 comments

Good to see things are progressing and the mod isn't dying. I'm exited to see more in the future!

Have a good one!

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MartinKosecky5 Author
MartinKosecky5 - - 127 comments

Thanks. I will also post a tutorial so people get to learn the alternative method of making weapon viewmodels!

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JjForcebreaker - - 933 comments

I'd like to wish all of luck with that project!

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MrBriggs18 - - 56 comments

It's good to know that after this long you're still working on it.

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