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Hey everyone, I know it has been a long long time since I last posted and or updated this project and I know I should have done this a long time ago but I can offically say that this project will remain as is and unfinished.

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Hey everyone, I know it has been a long long time since I last posted and or updated this project and I know I should have done this a long time ago but I can offically say that this project will remain as is and unfinished.

So to bring everyone who has been following this project for all these years up to speed on why I stopped developing this project and what I'm doing as today in 2022. There are alot of reason's why I stopped this project many years ago and it all comes down to basically my life changed in so many ways that I didnt have the time and motivation to continue to develop this project beyond my last update almost 8 years ago.

When I started this project, I was a fresh youung man out of high school and living at home, with no steady job and no girlfriend's to occupy my time with and my love affair for Starcraft blossom this project and I spent hours and hours every single day working on this project to make it the best Starcraft 3D conversion project I could and I was very proud of what I achieved, but as the project's complexity grow more and more my noivce map making skills become a bottleneck for the project and even though I did get some help by more expierence map coders and model makers here and there, I still didnt have a person I could pass on the work load to and so I really had to learn as I went along but the coding side of things was just to much for me to handle, so I focused more on simple map fixes and balancing the game as best I could with simple tweaks and what not.

After the release of Starcraft 2, the project kinda began to seem a little pointless to me after a while, as the 3D starcraft I had be trying to recreate was finally here and even though this was a great looking starcraft 3D project, it had alot of issues that I just could never end up fixing. I did play and even stream my play sessions of Starcraft 2 for a few years, and if you had ever watched my streams or youtube channel, you'll know it was a love hate relationship and then one day I decided to changed servers from east asia to one of the US servers and I went from a solid gold player to a high diamond in one day. The game felt empty and I just stopped playing it altogether and I havent played it ever since. I know play mainly play COD and I am big into retro game emulation and have a dedicated emulation PC at home I built to play all the old retro games from the 1990s to current games.

Then there was my actual life outside of the project. I did odd jobs here and then for a few years but I eventually got a constistant job working as a mobile DJ for a year and thats when I brought my dream car a Nissan 300ZX z32 in 2006 and then shortly after that in 2007 I met the girl of my dreams who I would eventually marry in 2013 and now we have 2 beautiful children to show for that love. I also now work full time in the retail sector and my current plans are to start a youtube channel based on my repair of that same 300ZX that I unfortunately crashed late last year in 2021.

Anyways I just thought that you all deserved an explaination to my disappeance and the lack of updates for this project. I was hoping to continue the work but I had a harddrive crash a few years ago and I believe Ive lost everything related to this project, so unfrotunately there is nothing for me to continue with anyways. Thank you again to all of the people who have helped me over the years with this project and thank you to everyone who has shown support for this project and praised it for the buggy mess it always was.


Templarfreak - - 6,721 comments

well this was a weird read and a weird thing to see in my feed, good luck to you i guess

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night_wolveX Author
night_wolveX - - 216 comments

Yeah i know it feels kinda werid to me too and i wasnt sure I should of post anything either, as its been so long since I last even worked on this project for anyone to care but I randomly popped on yesterday to see if there was any signs of activity in the comments section and to my surpirse there was and there was one post I saw that read "is the creator still alive" this comment prompted me to make the final news post yesterday and hopefully to put all of those questions to bed and explain why I stopped working on this project as its been years since anyone has heard a peep from me and I thought I owed it to eveyone who has shown and still show support for this project why things are the way they are.

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Tamamo-no-Bae - - 99 comments

Damn :/ I was hoping that you could restore the versions without the Starcraft 2 stuff. I remember playing them and it'd be nice to get them but they don't work with the last Pre-Reforged Warcraft 3 version, namely the 1.31.1 build.

You can still download them, but I don't know if it's enough to fix em.

I have a lot of nostalgia for this as it was the reason I even bought Warcraft 3.

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night_wolveX Author
night_wolveX - - 216 comments

Its amazing to think people out there actually brought wc3 because of my maps project and funny enough its the same reason I brought wc3 which was to build my maps project as I never liked the whole heroes system in wc3 and could never play and win. I know they weren't perfect by any means but to know they were good enough to enterain people is extremely rewarding to me and I too am disappointed I've lost everything after all these years and all that work but unfortunately its all just gone. Still it was good while it lasted and I am proud of what I created and I'll remember the good times I had playing the maps as well as all the time spent building the maps.

Still maybe one day in the future I may eventually recover everything that I lost but until then I really want to thank everyone who played and supported my maps project for all these years.

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Darkent - - 6 comments

I just tried to send you an email.
Can you please help me out?
The downloads don't work form me...

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