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The v1.3.2 patch fixes a few critical issues that were discovered in v1.3 as well as a bunch of other fixes and balance changes. There's also an updated Concourse screen which now features random animations.

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Edit: This article was updated on 15/10/22 to change references from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2. The 1.3.2 patch was released after a serious bug was discovered in 1.3.1. Aside from the extra critical fixes, 1.3.2 is otherwise the same patch.

I'm pleased to announce the release of the v1.3.2 patch for TFTC! Its a relatively small patch, but fixes a few critical issues with v1.3 along with a few other fixes, balance updates and new concourse animations. Changelog can be found in patch-notes section on our Discord or on our website. The installation tutorial has also been updated to account for the patch.

But while I'm here I thought I'd share with you a couple of other things we've been working on. Whilst work on the Reimagined campaigns continues, TFTC team member Ual002 has been working on designing a brand new Concourse for a future patch that will also include redesigns of other rooms and even new shiny medals to replace the original ones! But what makes the Concourse room special is we can now place animations that will play and loop on specific missions. This basically means the Concourse will change what is playing and what is displayed outside the window from mission to mission. Perhaps you're at a planet in one mission and in hyperspace the next. Capture some Rebel prisoners last mission? You'll see them walking by. Maybe even a personal appearance by Thrawn himself! Take a look at the video below for more details.

I also recently posted a concept video for remaking the TIE Fighter cutscenes for Reimagined (not counting the Intro cutscene being remade by the infamous Otaking) using the ingame engine to render. This concept video is from Battle 3's ending. On the plus side it allows us to tailor cutscenes to fit the narrative of Reimagined and give us greater flexibility in the retelling of the TIE Fighter story within Reimagined framework. The downside at the moment is the loss of any character cutscenes until we find a suitable solution. But we appreciate your feedback on this subject and any suggestions going forward. Check out the video below.

That about wraps it up for this update. Don't forget to check out our website, join us on Discord, subscribe to us on YouTube or follow us on Twitter.

Fly safe pilots!

Desktop Screenshot 2022 09 30

Desktop Screenshot 2022 10 01   1

acadea27 - - 234 comments

Jesus,Reimagined looks amazing,so is that going to be like a full make-over/conversion of the full game ?

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AngelTFTC Author
AngelTFTC - - 171 comments

Essentially yes, you can already play the first 8 Battles, the remaining 5 are in development :)

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acadea27 - - 234 comments

Wow,such talent.Thanks for the info.

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Maimbot6000 - - 1,749 comments

Just found this mod! It looks amazing!
Are you able to play with WASD and mouse etc? Or is it limited to controller?

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AngelTFTC Author
AngelTFTC - - 171 comments

Hello, yes you can play purely on KB/Mouse too, there are settings to enable this. Our tutorial installation video and our website give details on how to do it :)

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danyetman - - 4 comments

However unlikely and time-consuming it may be, I'd love to see all the cutscenes remade by the guy redoing the Opening animation - tell me that wouldn't be amazing? Maybe even setup a kickstarter or something to hire a professional animation studio to help him out. I'd contribute to that!

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