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TFTC version 1.3 has finally been released! This version sees the all important GPU Ddraw update applied so in-game performance is now massively increased across the board, including for VR. Along with a plethora of bug fixes and balance updates, there are also three brand new missions for the Reimagined campaign and other additional content.

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Hello pilots! First off, we have a new website! This site aims to be a comprehensive center of information about the project in its entirety with in-depth guides to installation, tweaking settings, joystick and keyboard info, version changelogs, ship information and even every single mission that you can play! Take a good look around and let us know if you have any suggestions on anything else we could add in the future.

But the main reason we are here today? Well it is with great pleasure that we finally announce the release of the TFTC Version 1.3 patch! This patch is the culmination of 8 months work and provides a whole plethora of balance changes, bug fixes, new missions, sounds, visuals and gameplay behaviours including:

  • The new performance enhancing ddraw that shunts rendering power from the CPU to the GPU. Expect massive FPS gains from this and also in VR!

  • 3 new missions for the Reimagined campaigns as well as several extensive gameplay changes for several Reimagined missions.

  • New package of sound effects.

  • New interdiction effect when in hyperspace.

  • New voice actor for all reimagined Thrawn dialogue.

  • New iMuse hook which improves behaviour of the ingame music.

  • New time acceleration hook which allows you to speed up the game by 4x.

  • Countless fixes

  • Countless balance improvements.

To see the full extensive list of changes, please check the Changelog section on the website. We have also updated our installation tutorial video for the new version.

As there will always be bugs and other issues that can plague us all, we have now created a Quick Fixes section on the new site where we will post updated files for any issues discovered with v1.3 until the next patch can be released. If you do find any issues, please do post them here or join our Discord for assistance.

We will be monitoring the deployment of v1.3 to make sure there are no significant issues popping up and assuming there are not, work now will shift focus fully on the remaining Reimagined campaigns that are in development. You can check out this section to get an idea of what sort of things you can expect from those campaigns or see some individual mission information. Please note these do contain spoilers so if you want it to be a surprise what happens, turn away!

Until then, do join us on Discord, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to us on YouTube. These are the best methods for keeping up to date with the project and for interacting with our community.

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thisisscotts - - 12 comments

Awesome, nice work! The speed of time 4x is something I was missing from the original(s)... no more.

Love it... many thanks to you and the team.

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