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An update to Dal's Revenge have been made It adds the feature of loading the next map when the first is finished.

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As my BODing is restricted at the moment, I thought I would upload a couple of maps that need testing:

The first one is just an update. I have made a few improvements although I can't remember exactly what...

The second one is all new. You can play it on it's own or, if you have it installed and you play DalsRevenge to the end, partII will automatically be loaded and you can continue to play with the same Level/Inventory as you had at the end of part1. You must have the Wizards Domain map installed to play part II.

PartII is quite short, but the final battle between Dal and Masklin the Wizard is quite an epic fight. If you (or the Wizard) get killed, you regenerate but go down a level. Once one of you gets killed at Level 1 then the other wins.
Masklin has lots of new tricks. He has sneaky spells that can steal xp from you and equalise the Levels. Watch out for the RED spells.

There will no doubt be a few glitches that I haven't picked up on. Bug reports and general impressions welcome.

To download the maps follow this link. Thank you too much!!

Cuthberth - - 62 comments

hi testing the DalsRevenge II i found this bugs

1-the second pic in the load screen is too low and you can see a part of the first

2-you can see the glow of dal-gurak weapon when he is invisible in the cinematic

3-you can not call vinculanus :P

4-the orcs of the prison do not attack or move

5-sometimes dalgurak do not regenerate, if you teleport or change weapons it revive and die again also he float

Español por si no entendieron nada :)

1- la segunda image de la carga del mod esta muy abajo, y se ve la primera.

2-se puede ver el brillo del arma de Dal-Gurak cuando es invisible en la intro

3-no puedes invocar a Vinculanus

4-los orcos de la prision no atacan ni se mueven

5-a veces dalgurak no se regeneran, si te teletransportartas o guardas las armas revives y mueres de nuevo, también te elevas (flotas o levitas)

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esfumato Author
esfumato - - 99 comments

es mejor responder en el foro de arokh's lair. Prospero entra muy poco en esta pagina.

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