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Another round of testing, fixing, and adding features finished up today. Things are looking solid for a playable beta release within the next 10 days. Read on for more information!

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Many thanks to the guys who ran some more testing the last few days! I've managed to convince a handful of buddies to download and install the latest build, reporting back as they play and test out all the features. So far, no game-breaking bugs!

A new video is available on IndieDB, Youtube, and the "Growsim" site (

The latest build added and tested several new features:
- cross-game sharing of exported plants
- ability to trash an unwanted clone to make room for others
- option to "gift" a product to patients (improves satisfaction)
- improved selling options and quantity buttons (interface)

Fixes and updates applied and tested:
- corrected a problem selling to patients without enough cash
- several graphical and text errors corrected
- fixed a bug that hid stats for identified plants
- remedied a problem with game being stuck on pause

Based on the latest build and testing, I think "Growsim" is on track for a playable beta version in the next 10 days or so. The plan is to open the beta as a pre-release purchase, along with a beta demo free to the public.

Thanks for reading!

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