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Due to high demand a version of Integration that does not require the gameplay mods: Race Balancing Project(RBP) or (Less Annoying Magic Experience) will soon be finalized. Before this can be released though it needs a bit of testing...

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I had stated in the last news post how bg2408 was working on an integrated installation that would allow you to play Integration with a single download instead of three separate ones. Well as luck would have it the integrated version is all but done, and should be released sometime in the recent future.

In addition to the integrated version there is also one installation option being worked on that would not only isolate integration to one plugin file, but it will also isolate the quest aspects of Integration, and completely remove the gameplay changes that Race balancing Project, and Less annoying magic experience make. This "No gameplay changes" version will require a bit of testing though in order to insure that everything is working correctly. That's where you come in!

There is currently a test version for the No gameplay changes version which is currently being tested internally, but to insure a bug free and fully working version we require additional testers. The target tester should meet the following specifications:

heh, joking aside....

  1. You own a working copy of Oblivion and the Shivering Isles expansion.
  2. You are not currently using RBP or LAME
  3. You are capable of following simple installation instructions (You have to download the resources for RBP, LAME, and the public release of Integration, and rename a folder, and some BSA's... The final version of course won't require this.)
  4. You recognize the innate risk of beta testing. From our own testing the file is stable, and it will not screw up your character or save; but... anything is possible with beta files so make sure you have back up saves.

If anyone is interested feel free to comment here, or PM me so that I can give you the download link and any further instructions. We hope that those of you who were reluctant to give Integration a shot due to the requirements, or the gameplay changes can now enjoy the mod as much as we do. Thanks in advance to all who help with any bug squashing.

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