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Trapped - Descent Into Darkness ModDB Mod of the year 2013 Test Pack, as planned I've just uploaded the Test Pack which can be found in the downloads section.

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Hey everybody, the Mod of the year voting is now over and although my mod didn't make the top 100 id still like to give my thanks to all those who did vote for the mod and congratulations to the mods that made the top 100. As planned I've just uploaded the MOTY 2013 Test Pack which can be found in the downloads section.

In other news, an image has been leaked from the Controllers ship, no one knows who or how this image has gotten into the hands of the public but apparently its caused quite a stir.

So you must be wondering "who is this Controller you speak of?", well no one knows, but never fear i have the image in question.

Trapped - Descent Into Darkness - Pre Alpha 3 WiPThe Deck of the

Only time will tell if we'll ever know anything about the "Controller"

well that's all for now folks i hope you enjoy the Test Pack i look forward to your feedback, and ill see you soon.

Test Pack 1
Trapped - Descent Into Darkness - Test Pack 1

ChromeAngel - - 708 comments

Controller room pic appears as a bit of a spoiler. I was all ready for this to be an oldie worlde puzzler like The Ball.

Started playing and found a couple of bugs you might want to fix:

Some weird graphical glitch in the water room, probably a shader thing

In the gravitygun room I broke the wall in front of the secret, but I still can't get to it.

Finally got stuck in a camera
(you might want to hide the HUD when you do this)

A suggestion:
You might want to make the breakable casket base (in the room with the 3 caskets and the green crucifix) break on contact. It took me far too long to notice the crack in the base.

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nekranomakon Author
nekranomakon - - 25 comments

Thank you for the feedback, rest assured that the issues with the water and the camera stuck are in the process of being fixed :). as for the gravity gun room secret i don't want to give anything away but this has been tested many many times and it is quite easy to get in and out of the hole if you use the right objects ;) wink wink. I've also added something extra into the room below breakable casket to make the crack more visible.

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