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Today, we have began the Terran Conflict mod. This mod will add new factions, units, maps and gameplay to Homeworld 2.

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The mod will add the Terrans to the game, complete with their own units and upgrades. We currently only have two members in the project, and we would kindly accept any help and support from other members of ModDB.

Kind regards, ProWorld Development Team.


Note from Team Leader:

Alright, I'm the leader, Battlecruiser, or if you want, Septimus.

Right now this mods back to early stages, I've removed all the previous work, We aren't even using myles models anymore. Everything done from this point on will be our own work. So this is the ships I currently have planned.

Race- Terran:
Mothership Exodus - A completely new look at motherships. Being as we are as humans, with weapons.
Carriers - These won't be as heavily armed, the focus on these will be as forward bases not construction
unlike the Hiigaran design.
Shipyards - I have plans for this, I'm not going to release the details yet.
Destroyers - Anti-Frigate much like the Hiigaran and Vaygr counterparts.
Battleship - The Terran version of a battlecruiser.
Resource collector - Need I say more?
Resource Controller - A ship able to increase resource production and build collectors.

Race - Hiigaran:
Most ships will get some kind of upgrade.
Destroyer Mk2 - The basic destroyer now with two class 2 ion turrets, the same as on platforms. Shielding is a possibility.
Battlecruiser Mk2 - More point defenses than before, definite shielding.

Race - Vaygr:
Most ships will get a upgrade. The ships will not be edited as much as the Hiigarans as - A) it is already a powerful race. B) To try and show the downfall of their leader, and the fact they lost a lot of ships in the war.

Currently the only race being added are the Terrans. A definite plan for our future is a campaign, but that is still quite far into our future. I will not deny we are not the best modders in the world. I have some experience in 3d modelling, a little in coding, that is going to be worked on. Once again, we would appreciate any help from concept to production, it would be greatly appreciated.

~~Team Leader Sep~~

P.S. Thanks for reading.

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