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Terraform has been remade to fit mobile and tablet Android devices with more than 150 all new levels, new art, new controls and simpler gameplay! Get it for free now!

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Terraform is now available for free on Google Play:

Watch the Trailer

Terraform is a turn based puzzle game where you Terraform planets to reach specific goals. Goals are reached by using tools like shovels, plants, asteroids, settlers etc, as well as controlling the weather. Planets consist of a grid of Hexagons, each hexagon represents a certain kind of terrain, like water, forests, deserts, lava and many more.The first 30 planets are free and without ads, the rest are bought with in-app purchases as map packs of 50-75 planets. On each planet you get a rating depending on how effectively you Terraformed it, the scores from all planets accumulate and you can compare your skills with others online. Each planet also has its own highscore so you can see if others have managed to clear it in a simpler way than you did.
Starting as a young aspiring Geoengineer (Terraformer) at the Terraform University, you progress through your exam, your first job and eventually your own business.

I hope you check it out, it's free after all.
- Holgersson Entertainment

Scan this to get to the Google Play page of Terraform


Are the new levels going to be put into the pc version too? I find it annoying when extra levels are added for a new format as an incentive to buy. ("It's the best version yet!").

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RedCabinGames Author

At this point no. Since the entire mobile game is designed for mobile devices, with different mechanics and controls, it's hard to "port" just the levels since they are designed for these new mechanics. It would be possible to add the mobile game simply as a separate application for the PC though, but controls would not feel optimized and the different mechanics would probably be confusing.

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