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Beta Version 10 is here; fixing some irritations while also adding masses of new, good stuff!

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Beta Version 10

It is time for another massive update of Dibella's Watch. This time I want to specially thank my pal Tamira at TesAlliance forums, whose effective Beta-testing I've followed as something of a manual when creating this update. This means that there are masses of corrections and additions to the mod that will make it behave and even look much better. Thanks, Tamira, for your work!

There are new locations and events in the mod too. I've created the University Library at the Constanze University which will eventually also function as the national archives of the Dibella's Watch County and hold all written books and papers on the island's history, culture and politics. Check the Library out, because it is atmospheric. I've done additions to existing locations; expanded the castle in the City of Dibella's Watch and created a large dungeon out west, which you can enter in the Sundown Valley in the east, or in the west, near Castle Saint Graecius. The dungeon is the home of the irritating Goblin Blackcrow Clan. Have fun slaughtering them!

Oh! And I've solved the bug with the tails! Some players had problems with the Khajiit and Argonian tails. While Coronerra's Skeleton solved it, not all players wanted to install that skeleton. Therefore I've removed the tails, but also incorporated the removal of them into the island's lore in a fun way. There are new meshes added in the usual order in the update, loads and loads of landscaping and work on the look of the island and lots of other stuff. Actually, there's too much in this update for me to keep track of right now, so just get downloading here at ModDB and enjoy.

Beta 10 Beta 10

Version Updates

- Updated the in-game map. Now it looks like a crude medieval drawing, as it should. Note: Still WIP!
- Did corrections; horses lacking ownership and cows walking around too fast. Things like that.
- Continued detailing the landscape. Loads of work done on that front again.
- Did some changes in some of the quests. Mostly in the quest "The Maroon", to make it work better overall.
- Created another Woodlander bandit camp, Midwood Camp. I'm an addict. I can't stop creating them.
- Expanded the Mournrest Castle Interior quite a bit and moved in resources to decorate.
- Added Lady N's Paper Goods resources to clutter office-like areas - and the War Room.
- Added Filled Bookshelves by JDFan.
- Created table- and wall maps of Dibella's Watch with the help of MEO's resources for this.
- Created interior cells for Castle Eastwatch, but that's it.
- Began creating strategically placed room rentals at inns. The Count's Lance, Port Constanze, The Red Heart Inn and Wordham Village done.
- Updated ownership status of many interiors as a result. No free sleeping in their beds anymore.
- Created the Blackcrow Goblin Clan, which now infests Sundown Valley.
- Gave the Blackcrow Clan a dungeon, the Blackcrow Halls.
- Added an amulet which hides tails. This solves the issue some players had with faulty beastfolk tails.
- Added a scroll called "Rules for Beastfolk" which explains the amulet and why beastfolk go without tails. Read it at various pubs.
- Removed the Coronerra Skeleton dependency of the mod, since the tail-error was solved this way.

Beta 10 Beta 10
SIGILL - - 1,157 comments

Meh I can't wait to download and play this, but I'm not a fan of betas :( Hurry up and finish the mod already! :P Nah just kidding, rushing things is bad.. it's just that this mods looks very awesome :)

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somebodys_kid - - 24 comments

What's done is pretty darn good, so don't let the beta status deter you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
EvilAngel - - 600 comments

Beta's are awesome you fish.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
VainExulant - - 12 comments

Betas; an acceptable time to tell people there was something wrong with your tail.

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Antiscamp Author
Antiscamp - - 515 comments

That actually sums up the beta-phase pretty well.

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Sharkz - - 131 comments

Sorry about the lateness with this post: Another awesome update as usual.

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Antiscamp Author
Antiscamp - - 515 comments

Thanks! A good post from ModSentry, as usual. :)

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