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So if you start with $500k x 2 = $1m dollars, hmm maybe that's not enough...

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So if you start with $500k x 2 = $1m dollars, hmm maybe that's not enough...

Hey future Telecom player! Thank you for reading us, no seriously you rock.

Listen, the thing is that we were doing the math on how much money you would need to keep your telecom company up and running, and we decided that you will start the game with the tiny amount of one million dollars to build your wireless empire across the states.

Maybe is a huge startup budget, but believe us when we say that you will need it. Think about it for a second, cell towers network, FCC license fees, maintenance, state taxes, monthly payroll, data centers, offices, retail stores, ok you are clear. But just in case, if for some reason you run out of cash we got you covered.


This is why we have implemented some new cool features that will try to save you from bankruptcy. As you heard they will try, but please note that we can't do miracles.

First of all, in order to keep your accounts clear, you need to be organized, this is why we have added an amazing finances menu that will assist you when managing your funds.


With the same thing in mind, we added a sexy table, which calculates all the expenses and shows your monthly budget. By the way, although you see zero state taxes in the screenshot don't ever imagine that you will see that in-game. Tax haven only for developers!


Because we know that things happen, we have designed a loan system that will always be more than pleased to bail you out of trouble. Of course for a little amount of interest in return. Nothing is free!

.Loans Loan application

But if you think that was all, to close with a golden flourish, from now on you will have the opportunity to buy and sell shares thanks to the brand new market share system.


Another week another article. Remember to track the game and follow Indiestar Games on Twitter. See you next week!

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TheManWhoFlewAway - - 168 comments

This looks great: following!

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IndiestarGames Author
IndiestarGames - - 4 comments

We appreciate the feedback. You rock!

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Guest - - 695,756 comments

When's the release?

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IndiestarGames Author
IndiestarGames - - 4 comments

By the time the release date is still to be decided, not by us but by you. Contrary to common, this time we're just going to suggest a couple of days and you will choose the release date using social networks. At the end of the day you are the players and you decide. Later we will be giving details on this. Thanks for the support!

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Chazz08 - - 4 comments

I think the release date should be May 2019. Haha. I was literally dreaming about a game like this today.

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TKAzA - - 3,154 comments

Nice idea, tracking!

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IndiestarGames Author
IndiestarGames - - 4 comments

Glad to hear that :)

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