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Sorry for the long delay, family issues. But anyways, here's the finalized list of Techs 4-5 for Version 1.0 of the mod.

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Tech 4 (06/Unleashed/Colors Era)


-Egg Carrier (06 Variant)
-Egg Cruiser
-Egg Cauldron
-Egg Chasers (Space Variant)
-Carnival Frigate
-Carnival Cruiser
- Carnival Battleship


-Egg Gunner
-Egg Pawn 2.0
-Egg Pawn 2.0 (Rocket Variant)
-Motobug 2.0
-Blowfish Chaser
-Egg Chaser
-Egg Cerberus
-Egg Dragoon
-Egg Beetle
-Egg Lancer
-Egg Nega Wisp (Nega Wisp Armor)

Tech 5 (Lost World Era)


-Egg Pawn 3.0

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This mod is mostly a side project due to Galaxy at War being the main focus of the mod team. Eventually (Hopefully soon), the team will switch focus to this mod, and updates will be much more frequent. As of now, I'm the only one working on it unfortunately.


nice, and I thought this mod is dead :) can you give us an release date or the release date month?

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MD456 Author

I had an original release date planned for April of 2015, but at this rate it's highly unlikely that deadline can be made. So unfortunately, I can't give you a definite answer. Sorry.

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