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Technology and art know no boundaries. What some of you talk about is unconcerned about technology and art and just about your prejudice about different society and countries.

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First, thanks moddb offical for your generous help.

These days,quite for a month,what some of people (XXachillesThEBEAstXxXXachillesThEBEAstXxRockyBrownRockyBrown TwistCrisp just these 3 men ) at my page are talking about is differences between different countries ´╝îsociety and cultures and prejudice about anime.And these comments the three men made is up to 20 more pages before the moment moddb official gives me help.

So it is unconcerned about my mod.

i will continue working on it.

Some unrespectful men can also go on dong their unrespectful deeds because wise men can see which is right or fault.

No matter which country we are, mods is concerned about no country.

And technology and art know no boundaries.

i won't give up and don't need to argue with those 3 unrespectful men.

Only say less and do more can make success.

Finally,thanks moddb official for your generous help again.

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Good decision man and keep up the good work

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