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We talk about our local-culling system and some solved issues. Many screenshots presents in this update and we let you choose the next one in the comments section.

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With Unity3D we are able to use Umbra as our culling system. Although we felt like it could be “improved”. We already made another culling enhancement (we told about it in this news), but we added a new local-culling system. This gif shows how it works:

We dislocate various triggers in the building that enable/disable objects that can’t be visible by the player. This gives us way more control than before.
We had to do this not only because of the furniture and other things presents within the Charcot but also to be able to hide windows of the edifice.

This is our first enemy:

A window

A window.

Charcot has 150 windows, and every one consists of 710~ polygons and 1220~ vertices (LOD 0). They are dynamic (because you will be able to open and close them) so they can’t be culled correctly by the Umbra system. With our enanchement it can be done, and the framerate thanks.

Our second enemy:

Vegetation trough windows.

In any time you will be able to look outside of a window and stare at the beautiful tuscan vegetation under a warm and shining sun. It's very hard to mantain good looking 3D assets while rendering a lot of trees and bushes on the outside and we can't hide trees in the night, nor behind a closed window.
It won't be realistic and will not create the right atmosphere.
This is why not so many games let the player look outside buildings.

This is it for this update, but we want to try something new:
Write in the comment section below what do you want to see in the next update!

You can choose between:
Characters or New environments

This is just a little experiment :)

Thanks for your support, keep track of the project and follow us on our website:


The game looks wonderful and it is nice to get a peek at your development process. For the next update : more details about the characters would be interesting !

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I want to see more about the environment. This game looks pretty as all hell.

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agree with above^^

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I enjoyed the early playthrough I did so much I just can't wait to get my hands on this's going to be fantastic!

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