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The mod wasn't dead or development ceased, but things got a tad weird. The core gameplay idea is and always will be the same, but there exists many approaches to it and I decided to experiment more until a better, more solid gameplay was reached. That process probably took longer than anticipated though.

So it was a bumpy ride, necessary after all. The end result is a much more structured gameplay, more original than previous attempts. It's also very modular, new ideas can be implemented easily. I think it fits quite well the first person puzzle 'genre', now it's time to get feedback.

A tech demo is meant to be released quite soon. It's 100% puzzle, no story, dull graphics, but all the core concepts are there. Hope it is a solid starting point and a good showcase for this project. See you soon!

radutanasie - - 949 comments

Hopefully there will be singing in the rain.

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R_Yell Author
R_Yell - - 368 comments

If you mean that level from the promo video, sorry no. If you mean the music, nein again. But there will be other music and levels :)

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TheGoast - - 47 comments

I was wondering where this went :P

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TheSniperFan - - 376 comments

^Tha#ts what I thought when I saw the DualReality-logo in my Update-notifications.

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