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I'm participating in the "Teamnesia Mapothon" on the Frictional Games forum, so work has slowed down. This coincides nicely with the poll, so not much useful time is lost (except I'm doing less modeling in order to do more non-Harvest mapping).

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palistov over at the Frictional Games forum has come up with the idea to get all of the community's mappers together (or as many as want to participate) and have us all semi-collaboratively create a custom story. The idea is that one would begin in a central hub location (which I've volunteered to create with community input) and select any of a dozen or so doors to enter, taking them to one of the developers' maps. Doors will have map names on them and signs posted with creator information so that players who like certain maps can find others by the same creator easily.

Due to this, progress on Harvest and Harvest: Prologue will be slowing down for a week or two. Fortunately, I'm not doing any more mapping for Harvest until the poll results come back and I know for sure which direction I'm taking the mod (though I have a fairly good idea already, judging by current standings).

There isn't a ModDB page up for the Mapothon yet (I'm letting palistov do it) but once there is, I'll post a link.

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