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TC Community discord server awaits your arrival. Post tome memes, arrange a game, discuss history, watch anime, voice-act DDLC. :3

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Before you install:

  • Launcher works only with Windows 10/11.
    • For any previous OS version you'll need to manually install all the patches from your installed version up to the current one. Then run the game exe, not the Launcher. We try to keep installer versions as high as possible, so more often than not, you'll need to install only several patches.
  • Launcher needs to be run in the admin mod.
    • Either right click the Launcher and choose "run as administrator", or preferably go to properties/compatibility and check "run as administrator" there.
  • Install in desired new directory.
    • Do not install over already existing Blitzkrieg 2 directory.

What's new?

26 nations grouped into 19 playable sides. Ready to clash on 16 different tech periods from 1930 to 1958.

5 different types of infantry, each having their own specific characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Experience wide range of AT weapons, field guns, grenade launchers, mortars, flame throwers and support vehicles.

125 multiplayer maps including 12 vanilla classics, best of FotR and Liberation, as well as dozens of completely new ones. Try our new scripted historical and fun maps.

Completely new Japanese campaign currently under development. New missions added regularly.

Our new Launcher can smoothly update your game, show you the latest news and direct you to our Discord server.

Dozens of challenging and varied custom missions ready to test your abilities and force you to question your skills.


Join our discord server. Post some memes, arrange a game, discuss history, watch anime and have a great lot of fun!

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