I apologize for the absurd wait. TBH is now in production.

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Hello everyone! Sorry for the wait! Reality is a bitch. Anyway, TBH will be coming out either mid summer next year or end. I need the time to work on it.
I'm still in early alpha at the moment for those curious.

In 2015, Humanity is on the brink of extinction. Entire cities, countries, and military installations were swept clean by The Shadow and its minions using the power of the orb. But, deep in the underground lies a base. A secret underground installation built by the Bro Army to find a way to counter attack The Shadow. As Cyrus Walter, a recon class bro, you are sent on a mission to retrieve an artifact that could mean the difference between our survival and extinction.

This mod assumes you have AAMFP, Whitenight, and Justine.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns then please message me!

4/24/15 - I've been very busy lately in life and I'd like to say that the game is not dead despite the lack of any new posts or content to show.

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