The 1st patch of Tavern Guardians Banquet (Early Access).

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Banquet Update #1

(Build: 09-20-2018v1)

Hover-over Tooltips

  • Tooltips now shows the actual DMG of the enemy, instead of base ATK.
  • Added enemy's Heavy Armor/Magic Armor in tooltips.
  • Added Countdown of the enemies’ actions to solve the graphic cross-over issue.
  • HPs of Super Mushroom Bros' different forms are shown separately.
  • Added Duration of status effect tiles.
  • Added Durability of obstacle effect tiles.
  • Added detailed descriptions of all the status effects tiles.

In-game Tips

  • Tips are now shown in the loading screen.
  • Players are able to switch to tips by left-click.
  • Added more game tips/hints.

Game Tutorial

  • Added pics to show how to launch a normal attack.

Game Balance

  • Increased the changes of Thief at all levels.
  • Other game balances and tweaks.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Archer could target a enemy with 0 HP.
  • Fixed a issue that caused a crash after opening the menu during screen switching.
  • Fixed a bug where players could not press any button when opening character info in close-to-death status.

Game Assets

  • Updated button icon for character viewing during combat.
  • Updated pics of character info window during combat.
  • Updated animations of HP/Armor restoring.

Sound Effects

  • Added SE of selling items.
  • Added SE when Thief is eliminated.
  • Added SE when Mage casts Soul Absorption.

P.S. we will release the Japanese version in next patch.

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