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Taurus group needs you! It is your help witch can give our ongoing and upcoming projects speed and greatness.

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Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen of the modding world,

some of you might know who we are and some of you might not, so here are facts. Taurus group is a little gathering around the game called Nexus: The Jupiter Incident with two ongoing projects which are Stargate: War Begins and Babylon5: Conflicts of Loyalty 2. We are hard working on those projects but our numbers are small and we need you help to pull out these projects to the magnificent end.

And on what positions we need help:

- 3D artist - Any experienced artist with any 3D studio for creating space ships and props (but Lightwave3D preferred)
- 2D artist - Artist skilled with any 2D studio for new GUI and 2D space environment creation
- Scripter - Anyone who is willing to learn Black Sun script

SGU Shuttle WhiteStar (WIP)
A little look on our WIP work

Under Attack Against The Wraith EA - Shuttle with Legs (In-game)
And look on our finished work

If you are interested, contact us anyway you want.
We will welcome you with open arms.

---Taurus Group Leader---

justaman16493 - - 371 comments

really wish i could help you guys out after all the help youv given me in the past, i have experiance in all of those fields that you need help with but unfortunatly my hands are full working on SWEC and its already taking me ages to release the next version, hope you find the help you need, oh and your mods are looking great btw :)

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Da-Fort - - 265 comments

I'd take the position of scripter but I've got little to no knowledge about the subject, unless you've got the free time and patience to tutor me. Haha!

Or point me in the right direction for a tutorial.

Don't worry I'm pretty sure someone decent will come around.

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X4VI3R - - 276 comments

and this one:

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Da-Fort - - 265 comments


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