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Our goal with Target Number was to make a simple yet tricky math game that everybody would love. Here we are with a completed game nearly 1 year after the concept was first finalized.

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The goal with Target Number was always quite straightforward: Create a simple math game which anyone could solve. "How is this challenging?" one might ask. As with every balanced game out there, it is easy to solve but hard to come up with the perfect solution.

Target Number has some unique math puzzles which makes you think before you make a move. It is not arithmetically complex as it mostly deals with basic operations such addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of tiny numbers(<20). The surprising part to us was that in spite of dealing with such basic math, we struggled to find solutions to some of the problems.

You can get the game on Android and start to put your brains to the test on November 15th. Make sure you follow the game to get the news on the day of the launch.

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