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Modun Konusu : 16. yüzyılda Yavuz Sultan Selim'in yönettiği Osmanlı Devleti ve tüm dünya devletlerini konu alan bir mod.Avrupa, Asya, Arap yarımadası derken tüm dünyayı yaşamak ve yaşamakta olan dünyada Osmanlıya yardım etmeyi mi seçeceksin, yoksa kendi yolunu mu çizeceksin? Karar senin, heyecanlı bir serüvene hoş geldin.

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States of World:

Europe States(16):
Kingdom of France
Knezate of Moscow
Kingdom of England
Kingdom of Spain
Republic of Venice
Holy Roman-German Empire
Union of Poland-Lithuania
Union of Livonia
Crimean Khanate
Kingdom of Portugal
Kingdom of Scotland
Republic of Genoa
St.John's Knights of Malta
St.John's Knights of Rhodes
Kingdom of Hungary

Central Asia, the Middle East States(8):
Ottoman Empire
Safavid State
Kazakh Khanate
Khiva Khanate
Mamluk Sultanate
State of Arabia
The Sultanate of Delhi
Kingdom of Georgia

East Asia States(6):
Great Ming Empire
Mongol State
Japan Empire
South East Asian State
Korean Empire
Jurchen Union

Africa States(3) :
North African State
State of Swahili
Empire of Songhai

Mode Features:

- Ottoman of the Yavuz Sultan Selim period,

- Brand new items

- Weapon enhancement feature

- Brand new soldiers suitable for history

- Historically appropriate characters,

- A map covering the whole world

- New cities in keeping with history

- New animals (elephant, camel, etc.)

- Political Map

- Brand new companions (Battal Ghazi and Ezio Auditore),

- Ability to name cities.

- Establishing Fortress from Camp

- Group morale boosting with prostitutes,

- Quick description of the Doctor and his soldiers,

- Establishing your own military system,

- Fortress creation system,

- Brand new music

- New sword sounds

- New sky

- Sea Wars

- Bank System

- Brand-new weapons,

- Brand-new shields,

- Brand new armour,

- Firearms game added,

- Overtaxing your villages, castles and cities,

- The ability to recruit ex-soldiers by donating to cities was introduced,

- The game of buying soldiers from cities has been added,

- Transition animations have been changed,

- Upgrade weapons with the blacksmith,

- New Military Groups and Military systems,

- The rise and fall of the city's economy according to caravan inflows ...

- Continuation of the game if killed in battle

- New war centres

- New battle groups

- Brand new motion animations

- Ability to join the army

- New options in cities

- New options in the villages

- New Menus and Interfaces

- Raising troop morale

- making a place of your own after establishing a kingdom

- Starting the game with money.

- New face types

- Asking the innkeeper about companions

- Ability to store inventory in the city

- And many more new features

NOTE: The mod is large and requires high system requirements. Adjust the graphics settings of the game before starting the game. Otherwise it may give an error. Especially 32bit computers would be better if they lower the graphics settings.

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