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I get to do more art, You get some new Units, GDS Gets a new AAA mod, And Paradox get a hand. Everyone wins!

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Well Guess what time it is? If you guess Presents, then your right! Three Freshly textured Units for your enjoyment. And a Few other Announcements.

First-All the art for the First release of ZBI is done! All that is Left is Coding and Voices. I will be attempting 4 of these. I will be the first to admit that I am not cut out for VA work, yet I'm on hand,

Second-Since I am a Player as well as a Modder, I'm Helping Paradox in there time of need.yet Since this is a Two man show, and both are helping, Expect things to be slowed. Yet I'll try to get in before the big release.

Third-Even if I am working on helping Paradox, that wont stop me from working on my mods. I'm releasing three Tank Units, One for each side. There is no code, yet I have provided a Sample from it's old life. Have fun!

Fourth-ZBI is not part of the GameDev Studio's Umbrella. This means ZBI is with another strong Mod, Huhnu Alert. Play His Mini Mod!

Last-The First Release of ZBI! Will have the following Units
Cryo Tank
Avalon EMP Bomber
Malta Support Ship
Pacifier II RAV *

Spetznas Chain-Gunner
Badger Bomber
Naval Grinder *
Cracker Cycle

Archer Maiden *
Reisen Interceptor
Mecha Tentoumushi
Wave Force Breaker

* Start Indicate Non Original Units.

Have fun and Happy Modding!


Haha, advertisement :D

Cool read :)

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Jason_King_of_Salt Author

Kinda Hard now you know-_-

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Jason_King_of_Salt Author

Lol Early me didn't see lol

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Nice. I will check this mod when it be released.

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