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I think this is it, will work on moving the top and firing now.

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I think it's pretty much finished, the movement of the tank, not the game. It may seem like the tank tracks glide sometimes or they don't start to move immediately. That's quite normal, it's because of the mud in the soil.

I already mentioned that these tanks are compiled from rusty parts I've found on my local scrapyard and I did some camouflage coloring, but I'm afraid I couldn't do much to improve engines, so the tanks don't go any faster, yeah.

I'm going to start working on top movement and firing system, along with particle effects. Not sure how long it will take, but if you're interested in participating in closed beta, do contact me with details about your specs. It's still early on, but would avoid unnecessary delays when the time comes. The closed beta will be for single player, as I already mentioned I'll be releasing that version first to see how popular the game gets and will only proceed with the multiplayer features along with multiplayer global ranking and achievements parts if the game is fairly popular, otherwise it will be yet another of unfinished projects on the pile of dozens unfinished projects I have started during past 15+ years.

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