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News related to progress and changes on the EC-mod.

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Hey everyone

Just stop by to drop some stuff related to the next release and the progress done so far.

Aircrafts, and viable Air to Air combat:

I've developed a new system to calculate the speed of real aircrafts and implement them into the game.
with this simple calculation:

RealSpeed - 90% *2 - 25% + 15 = Ingame speed
Ingame speed - 30% = Damaged speed

- F16C Fighting Falcon :
Default speed: 2414 KMh - 90% = 241,4 * 2 = 482,8 (483) - 25% = 362,25(361) + 15 = 376
Damaged speed: 376 - 15 - 30% = 252

Chopper's speed decreased to 75(default) and 40(damaged)

New maneuverability settings:
Extreme maneuverability = Default: 105/Damaged: 95
highly maneuverable = Default: 95/Damaged: 85
Regular maneuverability = Default: 85/Damaged: 75
Low maneuverability = Default: 75/65
Poor maneuverability(bombers\strike planes) = Default: 55/45

Combat range:

Visual range: 300 \Shroud Clearing Range: 300 (comanche at 300\350)
-5th generation fighters:
Visual range: 800 \Shroud Clearing Range: 800
-4Th generation fighters:
Visual range: 600 \Shroud Clearing Range: 600

Stealth detection capability(scan rate):

5th generation fighters: 250msec
4th generation fighters with IRTS: 500msec
4th generation fighters without IRTS: 800msec
4th generation Bombers\Strike planes: 1000msec
Standard for choppers: 850msec

Standard HP:

5th generation: 200hp
4th generation: 180hp
Bombers\Strike planes: 300hp
Choppers Class 1: 300Hp (AH-64 Class)
Choppers Class 2: 200Hp (AH-1Z Class)
#(The chopper's class is term that I'll use to define it's HP and payload.)#

Ground combat changes:

Standard vision range:
-Light vehicles\Transports: visual range: 200 \Shroud clearing range: 200
-Light tanks: visual range: 300 \Shroud clearing range: 300
-Heavy tanks: visual range: 350 \Shroud clearing range: 350 Artillery: visual range: 400 \Shroud -clearing range: 500 Infantry soldier: visual range: 175 \Shroud clearing range: 175
-AT\AA Infantry: visual range: 250 \Shroud clearing range: 250

Weapon's damage, fire-rate, range "balanced"
Prices of vehicles decreased.

Naval Warfare

Currently, the AI doesn't capture the shipyard, and I'm not sure how to tell them to do it :/

Payload: 1x BVR Surface-to-air missile launcher, 1x BVR surface-to-surface missile, 1x CIWS.
: 1x BVR Surface-to-surface missile, 1x CIWS
(Default, "light-impact-missile", upgrade to "Heavy-impact-missile")

-Carrier, not working yet.

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