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We are now working hardly on it for MONTHS , with a small team....

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This team we are in is as small as a antlion , even smaller than a grubs egg. You allways wanted the perfect usefull content delivered ASAP. But when BlackMesa: Source is in development for 4 years. [NOT talking about the size of their "TEAM"] and we are making like a 2/15 compared [I dont do the math] then you can tell your son of yours sons son to download it. WE NEED HELP NOW ! , we never let you stay down , you shouldnt do it to us also. To everyone who got some time on his hands , who can do anything , and by the small size of our team we shortly accept the "Everyone who has a hand is in" state. Its really small here , and it should be in your interests also , cause if we have a bigger team , our chances of finally setting a deadline are bigger than ever before. I only want to bring out one message wich is "RECRUITING"

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