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I wanted to make an update for all you wondering. The Belle Isle project is taking a break while we hammer out some major details. NOT DEAD lol

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I wanted to make an update for all you wondering. The Belle Isle project is taking a break while we hammer out some major details. 1. Not enough artists who worked concistantly. To my Team = We had a small, Dysfunctional family here and those of you who took pride in their efforts are always welcome back in the future. Those of you who in the months barely put in the happy your names even in the credits.
2. Possible engine change in Belle Isle's future.BELLE ISLE IS NOT DEAD!! I want you all to know. As usual i will spend all my available time thinking up new ideas and when the team is right and we find the right engine it will continue and it will get done.
Those of you who did finish work and submitted, Your work is still the property of 2k8 though you have the rights to use any of it as portfolio examples. Throw up your images, animations, textures as pertaining to the agreement you signed. You cannot however give your models to anyone else for use in any media. All of which you guys know as it was clearly laid out before you submitted any work. So we're taking a production break while i look for some more team members and we hammer down a few things.
As always you all know my email send me your hate/love's been a good far :)

A few people i wanted to thank here, if you feel i should have mentioned you dont take it personal...i may have just forgot you lol.
Stitch - Your an amazing artist, good luck to you and i will do my best to get your stuff into a finished project someday soon.
Dominion - thank you for fighting for our country. Stay safe and i can't wait to hear more of your work for us as your an amazing musician.
NJD - Your collaberation really helped to define the face of the project.
Tempus - ...For being you and motivating so many of us when needed, also the initial map layout.
Drake and Lil - I wouldn't have been able to maintane so much `ahem` professionalism with some of these guys without your backup. Lil I hope your doing good as we haven't been able to speak in a while.
David Mckenna - Your an excellent modeler thank you for the tortured, Hopefully you'll find it in your heart to drop us the Zippers model as it's beutifull and all the fans love it.
I'm sure there's more of you that busted your a$$ elieve me your not forgotten i just have to keep this as short as possible.


Well, it's certainly good to hear that HyperGames2K8 is still more than alive and kicking. Seems your having your fair share of " average production obstacles " and that your doggedly determined to overcome them.

Best of luck with the restructuring and future progress. I'll keep tracking !

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I dont know what all you do, but step in and start doing it yourself until you get more help. 1 year ago I knew nothing about real Modding, and now I have a project that I do 100% of the work on. No team, no help, its all me. It takes longer, thats for sure, but in the end you have YOUR Mod. YOUR way.

I wish the best for you and your Mod, and thats from someone who never even knew it existed until today.

+1 Tracker.

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Thank You
For the kind words
But this mod is a team effort as one person cannot make everything its just too big to do alone.

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... well this is a LONGGGG FREAKING BREAK!!!

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