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Briefly about how a two-person team endlessly improves their game :)

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Our team is very small. I mean really small, it's only two people - programmer and graphic designer...And of course our great musician who provided a great soundtrack to our game :)
Well.... It's not easy to make the whole game perfect from start to finish all at once, especially in such a small team. You always have to make some changes, even if at first it seems like some things will never change.
It is because of these tweaks, iterations, that our game is still in development.
However, when I look at these changes .... I am happy.
While the game is theoretically ready, week by week I see a lot of sense in tweaking a lot of little things that will make the game better at the end.
It takes a lot of time and patience.
I hope our players will also have such patience while waiting for the TailQuest release :)

Below you can see one of the things that have been fixed recently.

Recently, while doing completely different things, I noticed that the texture of these ruins looks just awful. Funny ... it once seemed fine to me :)

Screenshot 20211217 215039

Fortunately, my skills are a little better now.
Oh, I hope we can release this game before I find the whole game ugly! :D

Screenshot 20220128 181820

This is my draft of in-game level fixes. Charming, isn't it? :)

Screenshot 20220202 110614

You can find more in our video about the latest changes in TailQuest:

Thank you for being with us!
See you soon!

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