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Use the new tactical pause to get an advantage in combat. Enjoy the game with an upscaled UI on your 4k screens. Have fun destroying the new balanced encounters and Nemesis ships. And don't forget to get the latest achievement!

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Tactical Pause

Several players requested to change the strategic pause to a tactical one. Now, you can assign commands to your crew members while the game is paused. Set attacks to the enemy ship's equipment, send your crew to repair your ship or heal their colleagues or just pause the game to get a new cup of coffee while you think about your glorious victory.

New useable items

So far, the game had two kind of items: spaceship equipment like weapon turrets or mining lasers and merchandise you could trade. With the latest update, a new category of items is introduced to Galactic Crew: useable items. Right-click on an item in your inventory to use. The item will immediately be removed from your inventory and you get something in return.

Fake ID

Using the Fake ID, you can lower your threat by 1. When the threat is decreased, one of the Nemesis-class ships is removed from play and your current progress to the next threat level is reset to 0. This epic item can be found after destroying pirate encounters.

Loot Box

When using this item, you get one random epic item as reward. This can be anything from a Fake ID (see above) to an epic Heavy Particle Laser Turret. This item can be found after defeating any encounter. However, this is the most rare item in the game!

Support for 4k resolution

The user interface had a static size that resulted in a really small UI on screens with a 4k resolution. I spent several days improving the entire UI Engine resulting in a full 4k screen resolution support. When the game is started and you have at least one screen with a 4k resolution, the UI is automatically upscaled.


I worked on the encounters this week to improve the gaming experience. One of the major changes was the way encounters are generated. So far, the difficulty of the encounters depended on the threat level. Playing with a higher threat level resulted in better rewards and more difficult encounters. However, this mechanism did not take into account what ship you were using. Now, the encounters solely depend on your current ship and your current equipment. This will make a game with a big ship more entertaining. Please note, the amount of rewards still depend on the threat level.

The second change affects the Nemesis-class ships. They were originally designed to be your final death. However, players were able to defeat them resulting in an endless fight against them until they were finally defeated. I changed the concept. Now, the strength of the Nemesis encounters depends on the threat level. While on threat level 1 these encounters can be defeated with a well-equipped ship, it is way harder when you are on a higher threat level. In addition, defeating a Nemesis-class ship reduces your threat by one.

New achievement

The new achievement 'Luck' has been added to the game. It will be hard to get it. But once you have it, you can increase your loot chances for Loot Boxes and weapon turrets dramatically!


Now, you can resurrect dead crew members with your medic by clicking on their crew status in the UI.

Coming up next...

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